Bridal Bouquet – Modern, Overarm Sheaf Style Design, Calla, Rose & Astilbe


Beautiful sheaf style bouquet which can be created in white, pink or purple Picasso calla lily with your choice of coloured roses…


Beautiful new addition to our range of bridal bouquets, this fabulous modern, sheaf style design is ideal for the bride looking for something a little different on her wedding day, A lovely mix of real touch calla lilies (in choice of colours) with astilbe and roses – the photos show the design created in white calla with silver and dusky pink roses, but you can choose a maximum of 3 colours to compliment your wedding theme.

The bouquet is designed to be carried either pointing up or down, the choice is yours, carry over your arm if liked!  Lovely for brides or bridesmaids, this versatile bouquet could even be used to decorate pew ends, tables etc, after the big day why not hang it on your wall as a lovely decorative swag!

Hand made to order, fully personalised by the choices you make, flower colours, ribbon and embellishments, beautifully yours!

Approx 22″ in length

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