Bridal Bouquets – Orchid – Calla Lily, Rose & Gyp – Choose Rose & Orchid Colours


Orchid, Rose & Calla Lilies, choose ivory, green or pink cymbidium orchids and then decide which of our fabulous roses you would like us to use in the design (we have 60+ colours and you get to choose up to 3 shades)

You can choose UP TO 3 different colours, it doesn’t matter which order you choose the shades.


Artificial Wedding Bouquets – Cymbidium Orchid & Rose Collection – Brides Bouquet

Beautiful bridal bouquets of highly realistic, real touch cymbidium orchids with roses and calla lilies are handmade to order and fully personalised to your exact requirements. Available in ivory, green or pink orchids and a huge range of different coloured roses,

  • Brides size bouquet
  • Approx 12″ diameter
  • Handmade to order and fully personalised
  • First decide on the orchid colour, pink, green or ivory real touch orchids – all very realistic
  • Pick the rose colours you would like us to include – choose a maximum of 3 different colours (we have over 60)
  • White Calla lily will also be included in the bouquet which adds a further tropical feel to the design.
  • The handle can be partially wrapped with stems showing which continues the illusion of this being a fresh flower bouquet
  • Alternatively, you can have a fully wrapped handle instead,
  • The ribbon on the handle will be in the colour you pick from our list of available shades
  • The bouquets are finished with matching bows
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