Bridesmaid Bouquets – Ivory/white With Grey Roses – Gray


8* rose bridesmaid size bouquets of white or grey roses (glittered versions of these available) with grey roses and choice of different embellishments and ribbon colours to finish


Lovely grey rose bridesmaid bouquets with your choice of ivory or white (or glittered versions of these) as the main body of the posy.

Handmade to order and fully personalised to your exact requirements, ideal for your adult bridesmaids, matrons of honour, the petite bride or those on a budget, approx 8″ diameter with a slender, fully wrapped handle and bows in your chosen ribbon colours.

Choose the neutral colour first, then decide on the level of embellishments you would like, we offer diamante or pearl centres to the roses at no extra cost, fancier further embellishments can be included if required.