Bridal Flower Package – Rose & Gyp – Brides Bouquet, 2 Bridesmaids, Grooms & 5 Guest Buttonholes – Choose Rose Colours



Rose & Gypsophila wedding package which can be created in any combination of up to 3 different colour roses, the package includes 1 x 10″(approx) bridal bouquet of roses, 2 bridesmaid bouquets, 1 x Grooms/Partners Buttonhole, 5 Guest Buttonholes

Further items can be added should you wish from the options below (for example if you would like to add extra bridesmaid bouquets just include the number required in the box next to the description)

You can choose UP TO 3 different colours, it doesn’t matter which order you choose the shades.



Artificial Wedding Flower Package – Rose & Gypsophila

A beautiful collection of rose & gyp bridal flowers, a timeless design that is popular regardless of the season. Handmade to order and fully personalised by the colour, embellishment and ribbon choices you make.

Package includes –

1 x Brides Bouquet – Rose & Gypsophila, approx 10″ diameter – option of fully wrapped or part wrapped handle

2 x Bridesmaid Bouquets – Smaller versions of brides bouquet (approx 8″)

1 x Grooms/Partners Buttonhole (aka corsage) rose, foliage and gyp with  – wrapped stem – rose shade will be the darkest colour from those chosen unless you tell us differently on the checkout page

5 x Guest Buttonholes – Rose, leaf & gyp – rose will be the lightest shade from those chosen

These beautiful wedding flower bouquets and buttonholes are all handmade to order, choose your colours and embellishments then sit back and relax whilst we create your beautiful collection.

  • Pick up to 3 different colours – we have over 60 to choose from
  • Decide which embellishments you would like
  • Choose a ribbon colour for the bows and handles

Extra items can be added should you need them.


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